Luncheon Menus

Join us for Senior Lunches on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at Noon.
All seniors (50+ years) and their guests of any age are welcome, and the cost is $6.00 per person. Rewards Cards and Diners’ Choice coupons are accepted at either meal.

Please call 675-1479 by 10:00 a.m. on Mondays to let us know you will be joining us for lunch on Tuesday, Thursday, or both. Be sure to include the number of any guests you intend to bring; this enables us to know how much food to prepare.  If no answer, just leave a message.

October MENU

Tuesday – October 1st  Chili, Cornbread, Mexican Coleslaw,Fruit, Birthday Cake                                                   donanated by Pinewood Terrace Nursing and Rehab Center 
                                   Card Games, Bingo for Fun 

Thursday October 3rd – Potato & Onion Frittata, Biscuits, Green Salad, Fruit,                                                         Dessert MahjongBingo for Cash

TuesdayOctober 8th –  Chicken Noodle Soup, Rolls, Green Salad, Fruit, Dessert                                                    Card Games, Bingo for Fun

Thursday,  October 10th – Pork Ragu, Garlic Bread, Spinach Salad, Fruit, Dessert                                                       Mahjong, Bingo for Cash

Tuesday, October 15th  –  Potato Soup w/Sausage, Focaccia, Greens w/Pear & Blue Cheese,                                        Fruit, Dessert   Card Games, Bingo for Fun 

Thursday  October 17th – Tamale Pie, Corn Chips & Salsa, Green Salad, Fruit, Dessert                                              Mahjong, Bingo for Cash 

Tuesday-October 22nd  – French Dip Sandwiches, Veggies w/Pesto, Green Salad, Fruit,                                           Dessert  Card Games, Bingo for Fun 

Thursday, October 24th – Pork Loin Chops w/Apples, Rolls, Waldorf Salad, Fruit, Dessert                                         Mahjong, Bingo for Cash

Tuesday – October 29th  – Chicken Linguine, Garlic Bread, Green Salad, Fruit, Dessert
                                       Card Games, Bingo for Fun

Thursday, October 31st  – Screaming Meat Loaf, Bumpy Broccoli, Ghoulish Mashed                                                   Potatoes, Spooky Green Salad, Frightening Fruit, Howling                                                 Dessert — Mahjong, Bingo for Cash
                                       SPOOKTACULAR AT 4:00     Safe Trick or Treat for Kids



Tuesday- November 5th-  Pimento Mac & Cheese, Broccoli, Fruit, Birthday Cake donated                                          by Pinewood Terrace Nursing and Rehab Center

Thursday= November 7th – Beef Roulade, Brown Rice. Greens w/Apples & Blue Cheese,
Fruit, Dessert

Tuesday – November 12th – Ravioli, w/ Butternut Squash, Garlic Bread, Spinach Salad,                                               Fruit, Dessert, Blood Pressure Check- 11-noon

Thursday – November 14th – Lemon Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Green Salad, Fruit,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Tuesday – November 19th – Polenta w/Sausage & Tomatoes, Green Beans, Green Salad,  
Fruit, Dessert

Thursday – November 21st – Taco Bar, Corn Chips & Salsa, Mexican Salad, Fruit, Dessert

Tuesday – November 26th – Open Faced Turkey Sandwiches, Cranberry Sauce, Green
                                           Salad, Fruit, Dessert   CARDS W/ BONNIE

Thursday – November 28th – The HUB will be CLOSED — HAPPY THANKSGIVING


Milk, Coffee, Tea and water are available with all meals

***All menus are subject to change without notice***