Luncheon Menus

Inside sit-down meals may be returning in November. Call The HUB or let the ladies know when you pick up your meal if you would like to resume inside dining. Dinners will also continue to be provided on a take out basis. Meals are no longer limited to seniors only, but are available to the entire community. It is necessary to call (675-1479) or email ( by Noon Monday to request a meal for either day. For the period of the closure, this will apply to everyone; the “frequent flyer” list will not be in force.

The meals will be brought to you in you car as you pass through the portico in front of the building between 11:45 & 12:30, and payment ($7.00) will be accepted there as well.

With the assistance of community volunteers, we are delivering meals to the homes of those who are unable to go out, but depend on the meals provided by The HUB. Call or e-mail by Noon Monday to request home delivery, and specify the day and number needed. Meals will be billed twice monthly — no money will be collected at the time of delivery.

No other activities will take place during this time in keeping with the directive from the health department.

LUNCHES- The Hub provides nutritious meals in keeping with required agency guidelines which meet the dietary needs of most of the senior population. We are sorry that due to limited resources and staff, we are unable to accommodate diversified and individualized dietary requirements.




Thursday, October 22nd – Chicken Sliders, Potato Chips, Broccoli Pineapple Salad, Fruit,                                                                             Dessert.

Tuesday, October 27th –  Chicken Linguine, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad, Fruit, Dessert.

Happy Halloween!
Tuesday, October 29th – Mac ‘n Cheese w/Ham, Peas, Rolls, Green Salad, Fruit, Dessert.



Tuesday, November 3rd – Beef Stroganoff w/Egg Noodles; Garlic Bread; Green Salad; Fruit;                                                                       Dessert.

Thursday, November 5th – Baked Chicken w/Mushrooms; Rolls; Green Salad w/Radicchio;                                                                           Fruit; Dessert.

Happy Veterans’ Day!                                                                                                                                                                       Tuesday, November 10th – Chicken Fried Steak; Mashed Potatoes; Country Gravy; Green                                                                              Salad; Fruit; Dessert.

Thursday, November 12th – Roasted Chicken Corn Chowder Soup; Rolls; Spinach Salad;                                                                                   Fruit; Dessert.

Tuesday, November 17th – Swedish Meatballs w/Egg Noodles; Peas;                                                                                                                            Greens w/Apples & Cranberries; Fruit; Dessert.

Thursday, November 19th – Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken, Brown Rice; Green Salad; Fruit; Dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving!                                                                                                                                                                                         Tuesday, November 24th – Turkey; Mashed Potatoes & Gravy; Stuffing;                                                                                                                      Green Bean Casserole; Rolls; Cranberry Sauce; Dessert.

Milk & Chocolate Milk are available with all meals

***All menus are subject to change without notice***